“Intelligence Fitness”,Serhat SIDAL’ın geliştirdiği bir kişisel idman sistemidir. “IF”, zihin, vücut ve ruhu doğalarına uygun şekilde, birlikte çalıştırır.

Born in Kınalı Ada, Istanbul in 1973, Serhat Sıdal, is the eldest of 3 children.
He learnt swimming at an early age in Kınalı Ada and joined the Kınalı Ada Su Sporları swimming team.

At the age of 15, he joined the water polo team and his success led him to be selected to participate on the Turkish National
Youth Team soon after. When he was 17, he was selected for the national A team and his long sports career as a national athlete

Before becoming a trainer in 1989, he had already played in more than 150 matches on the national team and as the captain;
he held a record of scoring the most points.

Serhat was educated at Marmara University Academy of Sports and Gymnastics for 5 years. While he was in university,
he worked as a trainer in Kınalı Ada Water Sports Club and trained hundreds of athletes, most of who made it to the national team.
In 1993 he started working at the Hillside Sports Club as an instructor and was promoted to the Supervisor position in 1996.

After getting his degree from Reebok University of Boston in United States in 2000, he went back to Hillside Sports Club in
Turkey to continue his job as a Sports Manager. He also continued his job as an instructor and trained more than 500 trainers
in 10 years.

During his time in Hillside, he trained professional athletes as well as celebrities and famous individuals from the business world.
He is most well known for starting the concept of personal training in Turkey. He resigned from Alarko Holding in 2010 to work
on his own projects.

Within a 6month period he finished the preliminary work and writing of the book, “Sports and Healthy Living in 100 Questions” with
Ufuk Sönmez. Pozitif Yayınları then published the book in April, after a demanding preparation period. Right after his book was published
in 2011, he opened his own gym, Intelligence Fitness, where he personally trains only a selected group of people, using tool free exercise

Sıdal believes that personal exercise programs develop better results and the Intelligence Fitness team consists of only the best trainers
in their fields. His projects have not ended with IF. Serhat Sıdal continues to write and shares many types of validated sports information
with people, while instilling the importance of exercising and it being an essential part of life.